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So apparently there is this ‘Occupy Wall Street’ thing going on right now. I have just heard of it because I refuse, absolutely refuse to watch the brainwashing propaganda  you people call ‘the news’. This is just sad. A series of demonstrations? And this has lead other people to do ‘Occupy” this, that and the other. You people make me sad and ashamed to be an American. I propose an ‘Occupy Yourself’ movement. Meaning that we all need to realize that Wall Street does not exist without us. The government does not exist without us. Everyone is too god damned greedy to realize that if employers would only pay a little more to their employees that, and that alone will enrich our ‘Market’. If a person gets paid more, they spend more. Thus the ‘market’ goes up. Everyone has lost sight of the entire founding of this once great country. Columbus came here, seeking a place untouched by the ever advancing civilization that we have, because he did not like the wants of the few outweighing the NEEDS of the many. Now in this country, we have let the WANTS of the few outweigh the NEEDS of the many. 99%? 99% of what? 99% of the population that has let everyone else dictate how you are to live your life? I am the 1%. The 1% that will not tolerate this. The 1% that will no longer let someone else control my life. The lives of my children and, god willing their children. That is exactly what has happened to us. And I say us because we are, forever and beyond, connected to each other. Friends, family, neighbors that you don’t like and those that you do. ‘Occupy Wall Street’? Really? This translates directly into a child laying on its belly, kicking and screaming for a new blanky. Something for free. Something that you have not yet EARNED! Everything in my entire adult life, I have worked for and earned with my own money. Did it require sacrifice? Absolutely. But I just didn’t know it at the time that was happening. Do the people that mooch off the system piss me off? ABSOLUTELY! But there is nothing we can do or control about that. We can only control our own lives. And the effect that we have on our ‘Society’. I use that term loosely because we haven’t been a society for a long time. We have become a heard of individuals looking for the easy way out. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Nothing worth having, in this life or the next, is going to be easy. Will it hurt? More than likely. Will it be hard? Oh, Hell yes!

You may think strangely of what I have stated because I speak of being a society, being together in one unified effort, but yet suggest an ‘Occupy Yourself’ movement of my own. Understandable. But in order for everything to work, break it down to its base level. A society, a community, a unified front does not exist without several individuals. Individuals with their shit together. Individuals that know our Stock Market and our Government does not exist without us. We make both of those entities work. We are solely responsible for letting them run things for us. Because we have become complacent with our own responsibilities. We thought it easier to just hand over control of our lives to someone else. NO! That is not our governments place. They are there as a liason between us and other communities and societies that we are not able to make contact with everyday. They are there to help guide us in our own day to day lives. To help, not control them. They are there to help protect us. Not to ask so much of us in order for that protection. That’s Mafia type shit. Biggest mafia in the world right now, is the US Government. Today is the day we take back our lives. Today is the day we stop feeling sorry for ourselves. TODAY IS THE DAY WE TAKE CONTROL!


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  1. So true my friend. “99% of the population that has let everyone else dictate how you are to live your life?” – I love that line.

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