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I am not a human being. You do not know me. You do not understand me. Because you are incapable of knowing or understanding me. I am too complex for you. I am beyond your petty grasp. I am an enigma to you. A mystery. You may think that you know me, understand me. But that is only because I get bored with life. I fall asleep at the wheel, and as such slow down enough for you to read what is on the surface. If you can catch up with me when I fall asleep that is. Only one time in recorded ‘Human’ history did I fall asleep enough to let someone see more than they deserved to see. I slipped. I dropped the ball on that one for all of us ‘Aliens’. That will not be happening again. That I guarantee.

For those wondering, keep wondering. We ‘Aliens’ are not in your cosmic realm of possibility. At least not yet. Not until you can figure out some way to break your cycle of following. You Lemmings. You followers. You are probably reading this to find your own way in life. Hey, no problem. I appreciate the views, really I do. It completely validates my vanity, lol.


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  1. As another space case I must say very well written with the sleeping at the wheel analogy. Also if I may … you know there’s an auto drive function? Set the moral wheel towards money money money and you can not fail. FBGM 😛

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