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I lie in wait. Waiting for that perfect moment to reveal myself. To prove to you that you have made a mistake. To show you that I am a patient individual. That my patience will outweigh whatever decision you have made. Whatever motive you may have. You have cast me aside. At my expense, but at your own fault. You will see. You will stand there in awe as I live my life. Without you. Accomplishing so much more without you, until you come begging for me back. Begging me to make you a part of the EMPIRE that I have created. The choice to let you in on that empire is solely up to me. And the question that we will be faced with is this: Are you worthy of being ruled by me? Because if you beg to be a part of my life, that is exactly what you are asking. ‘Please, rule me. Show me the errors of my ways. I will do your bidding, just let me be a part of your world.’ There is so much at my disposal that you don’t quite understand. I could spy on your every waking moment. Stay up for days. Follow your movements. Track your daily habits. But I don’t. Because I lie in wait. Because knowing your dirty secrets would ruin my own state of mind. And that is not an option in this lifetime. To be driven crazy by what you may or may not be doing. I am better than that. I am above that. I have my faith, my hope that you will one day get yours. You hurt me and now I want to hurt you. By any means necessary. But I wont make it a priority in my life anymore. You are not worth my time, you puny human. I am so far above and beyond you it is unfathomable. You thought you knew me, you know shit. If you truly knew me, then you would know my resolve. And you wouldn’t have left me begging on my knees like I did. A lapse on my part. I fell into your human trap of ’emotion’.

That word is laughable. Emotion?! What is emotion? An uncontrolable impulse? Because you can’t compose yourself any better? Come on. Be real. Emotion is just another word for sucker in my book. I showed you emotion before. You took advantage of that when things got hard. You claim to love me. Love. Another emotion. If you ‘Love’ someone you don’t leave them. You help them till it kills you. You ride that shit till the wheels fall off. But you didn’t. You dipped out like it was a bank robbery gone bad. Let’s chock that one up to being ’emotional’, shall we?

Anyway we are getting off topic here. The topic here is the fact that I can endure anything thrown at me. I will persevere. I will come out on top. And inevitably, in this situation, you will not be.


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