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One night I had found a way to make a few dollars in this broke ass existence. So I decided to take those few dollars and go out. I think I had earned it. Well maybe not earned but deserved it. I had a few hard ass weeks to deal with in the recent. So I decided to go to the only bar that I knew in town. The only bar that the ‘ex’ went to. But the thing is that the only reason I even considered this particular bar is because the ‘ex’ only goes there on wednesdays and this was a saturday. So i thought that i would be in the clear of her and her friends. So I show up and the guy that I had suspected that she had been seeing behind my back was the doorman at this place. No big deal. Showed him an ID and paid the $5 cover charge no questions asked, no hassle. Never said one word to the guy. Didn’t want any trouble or complications. Should have known better I guess. As I am making the rounds around the bar trying to make new friends(as she always requested that I do) I see one of her friends flagging me down. ‘Oh, whats up? How you been?’ I asked. ‘Good’ she replied. As conversation rolled on, and we went outside to have a smoke, for some reason I asked how ‘she’ was doing. ‘Stop worrying about it’ was the reply. ‘Why?’ ‘Because you are a good guy and you don’t deserve what you are going through’ was the reply. ‘What do you mean?’ ‘You aren’t the first in this whole thing’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Look, you are a nice guy, you are sweet, and you care alot about her and her daughter, but that isn’t what she cares about. I’ve seen it happen to (guy A) and (guy B). Let it go. It’s not worth it’ During this whole time I didn’t catch the fact that her doorman boyfriend was on his phone. I should have figured but hey, im a redneck, we dont do subtle hints. about 45 minutes after I had shown up at this bar, so did she. And she made it a point to stand in my line of sight. She was talking to others, as was I. After a few minutes my paranoia kicked in and I wanted to ask her if she had done all this on purpose. Dumb I know. When I got her attention and asked her to talk to me she said no. No problem. Only problem was that after that her new boyfriend got his goonie, no wait. He got his friends to try and escort me out. I don’t like to be man handled. So I manhandled back. During this scuffle the police were called. Because her boyfriend works at this place the cops put cuffs on me and stood me out in front of everyone. As they were taking their report, I heard her laughing. It killed me inside. Literally killed me. So I asked the officer holding me by the arm to place me in the car. I asked repeatedly. A dozen times by my recollection. Every time he said just wait, just wait. Her laughing was killing me. What is a man to do if he wants to be seperated from the public that is in awe at what is going on? I head butted the officer holding me. This officer was about 3 or 4 inches taller than me. If i wanted to cause bodily harm to him, I would have been easily able to knock out 2 or 3 teeth with that headbutt. But it was directed at his shoulder. direct impact on his shoulder. he took me to the ground and put me in the car. finally. Was it wrong? Absolutely. But I had been drinking and not in the right frame of mind. No excuse. I will accept my punishment as seen fit by the courts. But my whole point on this thing is this…..DO NOT EVER LET SOMEONE ELSE INTO YOUR LIFE! It will only lead to heartache if you are the same kind of emotionally driven person that I am. I am ashamed of what I did. Not because of the circumstances, but of the fact that I let the way that someone else felt about me dictate my actions and ruin everything that I have strived to become. I am absolutely ashamed of what I did, and I have apologized to the officer in question. I have tried to explain to him, alcohol not involved, why I did what I did. I only hope that there will be some mercy put into my behalf on all of this terrible situation.


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