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Richard ‘Adam’ Lummus

  • Education – Quit traditional school during the 9th grade and enrolled self into military school. Tested out 5 months later at the age of 16. Currently attending University of Phoenix online program.

  • Technical Training – Cooking, maintaining a clean and hygienic living space, laundry(sorting, washing, drying, folding), washing and putting away clean dishes, automotive upkeep(detailing, washing, repairs, upgrades), lawn care(sod/grass, mowing, fertilizing, aerating), BBQ(gas, smoking, open flame, charcoal)

  • Special Qualifications – Extremely observant, expert cuddler(8th level), writes meaningful heartfelt letters, self-trained masseuse(full and partial body), good listener(always provides an ear to listen, or shoulder to cry on), capable of making female friends jealous of you and male friends envious of me, loved by children and love children in return(has one of his own, age:8)

  • Experience – Serves home cooked from scratch breakfast in bed, sends flowers because it’s Tuesday, sneaks up behind you to sneak a hug or a kiss, carries groceries, cleans up after dinner, expert lover/companion.

  • Equipment – Has a stable and fruitful career, outright owns his own vehicle(truck:Dodge Ram 1500, 2004, clean, peak running condition), has his own place, possesses and has training in various weapons and techniques in order to protect who/what is important to him(could be you!)

  • History – Once heartbroken, now emotionally recovered divorcee from an early and ill thought out marriage, learns from any and all mistakes and never makes the same mistake twice, never made a promise that cannot be kept, has always been there for family no matter the cost or the distance in between family members, experienced many different countries and lifestyles, seen numerous walks of life and the effects of them on individuals and communities all over the world.

  • Awards/Honors – Current and active Man Card holder, various awards and decorations received while in military service(US Army – 7yrs 2 months Active Duty)

  • Biography – I am a simple country boy originally from Georgia. I was raised with traditional southern mannerisms and hospitalities. I open the door for women, something that has long since been forgotten by today’s society. I am a firm believer that chivalry is not dead, it has just been overlooked. I am good at noticing little things in behaviour that are triggers for a woman to just be held, or told that she is pretty or beautiful. I have always had an ear or a shoulder to lend. I offer insight and unobjective opinions and advice if asked for it. I am very family oriented and would not know what to do without my awesome family in my corner, backing my every play in life. Needless to say that not all of my plays are wise, but I never make the same mistake twice. I was asked once what I took from my time in the Armed Forces, and I simply said: It matured at 17-year-old kid into becoming a man, capable of making the hard call when no one else wants to take responsibility for making a choice that may or may not be the right one. I have a bit of a philosophy that I live by. You never know till you try, but you will always succeed if you only ‘TRY’, and you never know where the line is until you cross it. Well I guess that is really 2, but I hope you get my meaning. I have a habit of pushing social boundaries beyond what has become ‘socially acceptable’ these days. I have a very unique outlook on many or most of today’s viewpoints, or topics of discussion. But that is me and that is who I have become in this lifetime. If you want to challenge yourself and thrust a man into your life that is sure of where he wants his own life to go, then I am your man. Things may work and they may not, but you never know, I just may be your Knight in no armor at all. Because lets face it, that armor has to be fucking hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, and no one wants hot or cold steel all over their body!

One Comment

  1. ok….the home cooked breakfast in bed……I would have just like to have breakfast served on my table by someone other than myself. Didn’t know you could do that…..does it come with biscuits???
    Love you anyway….lol

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