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I am an asshole and that is who I am going to be. It is who I was always meant to be. Everyone tells me, since the most recent events in my life, that I should love myself before I can love anyone else. Let me think back to the last time I was happy with myself…..Oh ya! Back when I was an asshole to anyone and everyone. Not really in a bad way though. More or less in the way that I did what I wanted to do. I didn’t care about anyone or anything else but my son. He lives with his mother. It’s probably better that way. I was always gone. Always deployed. Never home. Not because I didn’t want to be, because I honestly did. But the government had other plans for me. But that’s not the point of this. This is about me relearning how to love myself again. Getting back to being an asshole.

I hate that the entirety of the female populace has to now suffer. Truly I do. But hey, if a group of teenagers is standing around and one of them throws his mocha-chai-vente-latte-frappuchino(whatever the fuck that is) at you, you aren’t going to say ‘That is just one bad apple out of the whole bunch’ you are going to say ‘God damned those little fucking pricks’. Thereby lumping them all into the same group. So sorry ladies, but you are all gonna have to suffer for the few ‘bad apples’ that you share a chromosome with.

And yes, I do put the blame on the rest of you. Because it is just human, pack mentality, to thin your own herd. Nature’s way. If one in the pack does not share the same feel of the group, they are cast out. Left to die. To rot away in the forest alone and untouched for the rest of time. You have not done this to your few weakest links. You have shown that you are not pack animals. You are not a group. You are individuals. Only concerned with yourselves and what you think you are entitled to simply because you were born with a vagina. You aren’t entitled to SHIT!

Just like every man on this planet, you have to EARN your way in this world. You don’t seem so uppity whenever a man thinks he deserves something from you. No, oh no. He’s an asshole, a prick, a douchebag. And yet, you think just because you are a woman you are entitled to be treated like a damned princess? AHAHAHA! Nice one, very funny joke you got there. If I so choose to buy you dinner, or flowers of some such sappy sad shit, then be happy with it. Don’t fucking expect. If I do something like that, that means I am trying to earn something. Brownie points, good favor, a girlfriend, wife or whatever you could think of. There is a reason behind it and it damned sure ain’t ‘because she is entitled to it’.


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  1. O shit homie alot of girls gonna be hating hahah

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