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This is pretty much another ramble of mine about the reasons that I hate X-mas. And yes it will be referred to from here on out as ‘X-mas’ for the simple fact that it is a holiday, with religious background mind you, that everyone has lost sight of the original meaning behind. X-mas, formerly known as ‘Christ’mas. Let’s take this one step by step, shall we?

First and foremost, it is a holiday meant to celebrate the birth of Christ. God’s only son. Or so we are led to believe anyway. Seems like the only people that recognize this fact, are in fact, that certain group of people that we all know that is not afraid to express their religion and gratitude for a man that none of us have ever known other than what is crammed down our throats from a book that is apparently the only one in existence that is above and beyond all reprieve. Because some guy that calls himself ‘King’ wrote it thousands of years ago. And there is in no way shape or form any margin for error from this book being handled, passed around and criticized since the time of its inception. But that’s not the reason that I’m writing this. That blog will come later! But no one seems to care about the origin of this holiday. So onto the next topic!

What has X-mas become? It has become a corporately sanctioned and publicly raped day of the year. Adults only want the day off from work. Ok, I can see that I guess, who doesn’t like finding a reason to stay home from work? And kids? They only see it as a way to get free shit that they don’t need. So it falls upon the parents to pay out money that they slaved to get, so they can pay for necessities for the kids that don’t know or appreciate what the parent does for them. And the parents pay top dollar for the things that their kids want because they want to be better parents than their own parents were to them. So the parent forks out 200 bucks on 2 or 3 fucking lego sets, or my little pony shit. And toy companies, HAHAHAHA, make lame shit, that is only designed to break, and on top of that, they jack up the prices on their shit. All so they can buy their own kids shit they don’t need.

Ok so let’s see. You can explain to your kid what the real meaning of ‘X-mas’ formerly known as ‘Christmas’ was, is and has become. I would love to be able to do that, but I can’t. I can’t really give my kid a lecture on something that has religious meaning because of the simple fact that I don’t believe in religion. I used to, but in my world travels I have learned that everyone needs something to believe in, in order to explain the unexplainable. My biggest proof of this is the phrase ‘Well, it was all just part of God’s plan’ or “God has a reason, and you need to learn from this and why it happened the way it did’. REALLY?! What possible lesson could I learn from getting ball cancer? I don’t have ball cancer, but hey, I think it’s a pretty good example!


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