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I feel like I need to weigh in on a few things tonight. I know I haven’t posted in a god damned long time, but that is because life has gotten in the way of my life. I am not one to beat around the bush so let’s just go ahead and get on with it.

My issue of the night is BLM. This will be a semi short rant because I believe I can sum this shit up really easily. To me, BLM is nothing more than the new age version of the KKK. And I will explain why I make that assessment. This “organization”, “movement”, “cause” chooses to draw attention to the oppression of african american people by blocking major roadways. By rioting. By looting. By burning down the very neighborhoods they scream that are being targeted by law enforcement, and society in general. They create more diversity and promote segregation by disallowing non-blacks into their inner circles. They embody the very oppression that they oppose with their actions and demeanor. Not one time has BLM actually done something positive in the communities that they are completely destroying. Please feel free to roast me on this. On my opinions. Because that is what our first amendment right was created for.



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