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I made my life. I have hit rock bottom more than once. And every time the only thing I found out from it is that every time you hit rock bottom, it’s deeper than the last time. And every time the only way out is up. You have to find that one time in your life that you were happy. No, not happy, but ecstatic to be you. Find the you that was not controlled by taxes, government, other peoples opinions or perceptions of you. Find a reason to go back to that version of you. Because apparently you were doing something right.

For me, all of my life I have been a fighter. Physically at first, and in the last few years, an emotional fighter. An under the radar fighter. The kind of fighter that does not let anyone or anything control his universe. I have always come out on top. I have always been able to say ‘I told you so’ to everyone that doubted me. To everyone that made fun of me. To everyone that talked down to me. To all those that thought themselves to be better specimens of humanity than myself.

Everyone always say ‘If this, then that’. Thus giving control over to someone else. Or some condition outside of your realm control. NO! This is wrong. You are supposed to say ‘This will happen’ or ‘This will happen’. You don’t make things that you want conditional to another person or entity. You take control of that shit. You make the terms. Take it or leave it. You are going to find your path either way. With or without those ‘others’. You may want them with you. But on the flip side of that, they control whether or not they want to be a part of your life. You cannot force someone to be a part of yours. Simply state the terms of their involvement in yours. If they decline those terms, well then that, is how they say, ‘is that’.

You own everything in your world. Your life. Don’t take handouts. Don’t take favors. Earn everything. The only way to earn anything is to realize that you and you alone are in control of what happens tomorrow. Don’t look to tomorrow as another day. Not a borrowed day. Not even a gift. It is earned. Look forward to it. ¬†Yesterday is gone. Nothing can be done about what happened THEN. But tomorrow, that is another story. You have to write it. Tomorrow is your day. If you are reading this than you already own today. Tomorrow, lets just see what we can accomplish tomorrow. I’m sure you will be very pleased with the result. Regardless of what happens. Could be good, bad or indifferent. All that matters is that YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Do not let anyone tell you different. Do not let anything deter you from your own path.

If you need to, find yourself a ‘Hype Man’. A person to have your corner. A cheerleader. Someone you can talk to about what your own goals are. Share them with that person. That does not mean give them control. In fact, your Hype Man has about as much control over you and your life as that bum on the street that you didn’t give a quarter to today. Oh, you did give him money? Good job. Giving control over your finances is a great way to go don’t you think? Sure we all need help in this life. But that guy gave up control over his life a long time ago. There are so many easy options for that guy to succeed in life, he just chose to roll over and die. Starting to get my point? GOOD! Back to what I was saying. Where was I? Oh ya, the Hype Man. Your Hype Man doesn’t have any say so in anything you say or do in this life. He/She is just there to keep you on track with your goals and endeavors. Their duty is to support you in whatever it is that you undertake. Is it opening up to another person? Absolutely. But hey, you were going to pour your heart out to someone anyway eventually right? Why not do it to someone that will not judge you? Or insult your fragile sensibilities, which we will get to later by the way. I would prefer that you choose someone that is not blood or marriage related to you. Because they tend to be biased. Choose someone that has no emotional or financial stake in your entire existence. Friend? Maybe. Neighbor? Maybe. The choice is up to you. Everyone has someone in their lives that they can open up to, that will not judge or criticize you or anything you choose to do. And in turn, more than likely, they will do the same.

This world sucks. But as such, we are all entwined, and inevitably so. This is where our “Perfect World” begins. Not with a bang but with a whimper. A whimper within you. That turns into a growl. That evolves into a shout. That turns into a scream. Once everyone follows that same script, that will be OUR ‘Bang’. It may or may not happen soon. Or in the near future. Or the distant future. Hell, it may not happen in our lifetime. But that’s why you have to seize control of your own piece of the pie now. So when it does happen, you will be ready for it. You will be a part of it. In on the ground floor of OUR “PERFECT WORLD”

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